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Michael Winslow Xclusive Poster Luxembourg


Ladies and gentlemen, it is our great pleasure to introduce one of the most unique and talented performers in the world for an exclusive Red Carpet Event. He's a master of sound, a virtuoso of voice, and a true original. You may know him from his legendary work in the "Police Academy" movies, "Gremlins", or from his numerous TV appearances and comedy tours. You’re in for a real treat as he takes the stage to showcase his incredible talent and participate in a live on-stage interview, where he shares his inspiring life story, providing a rare glimpse into the mind of a true creative genius.


In addition, we are thrilled to have a Fundraiser and the opportunity for meet and greet sessions with Michael Winslow, with all proceeds going towards the Télévie charity.


Get ready to be amazed, entertained, and thoroughly impressed by the one and only Michael Winslow!"

Next Events?

Our upcoming exclusive events will be announced soon. In the meantime, we invite you to share with us the name of the celebrity you dream of seeing at our event.

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