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Creators of Dreams

Our goal is to inspire people with the presence of our celebrity, fulfill their dreams, and curate an unforgettable evening in a limited and intimate setting. Our mission is to offer an exclusive experience.

Jerome Weber

CEO, Xclusive S.à.r.l

One Evening

Our focus is on bringing international actors and elite sports personalities to Luxembourg.


Some events will feature a banquet-style setup, offering a three-course meal based on your tier of attendance.

During the event, each celebrity will have a live on-stage interview with accompanying entertainment. We prioritize creating memorable experiences for attendees, with opportunities for meet and greets and the chance to be up close with those who inspire you.


Giving Back

We aim to inspire you through the presence of our celebrities while also creating a positive impact. To that end, each event will feature a fundraiser for a charity, and we are committed to working towards CO2 neutrality. We also strive to involve our celebrities in good causes within Luxembourg.

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